The Honest Estate Agent Part 2

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Paige Modestou

Building Relationships 

To sum up my first month in one word – FUN! If you know me, you will know that I am a big people person and therefore my job is perfect for me, I may even go crazy and call it my “dream job”. I honestly cannot think of anything I would rather do than to meet with people, carry out viewings, valuations and speak on the phone all day long! Especially when the sunshine makes an appearance. 

So, my first month has been fairly quiet on the viewing and valuations front (as expected when opening a new Sales and Lettings Department) but what I have been busy doing is building new and developing existing relationships. When you work in a small town (small compared to London) I do think it is important to take advantage of this and build your relationships with the people in the town. As an Estate Agent I also think it is important to get an understanding of the services you are recommending to your clients and a feel for the people your clients will be dealing with. Not only will they be representing their own company but yours too, as you gave the recommendation. 

One person I like to recommend to my clients is Maria at CFP who is a mortgage advisor. I met with her over coffee and it is always great to build my knowledge on mortgages and catch up with her. I have dealt with Maria previously and can really relate with her approachable manner and enthusiasm for her job. 

I also attended Women in Networking at the Buxted Park Hotel for the first time and met Laura from Helix Law. For me this was a great connection as Helix Law offer advice for Letting Agents and Landlords and I have dealt with Laura before in my previous roles, so I was really pleased to put a face to the name. The following week I attended the Ladies Lunch at the Grand Hotel and met Stephanie, the Sales Manager of the Buxted Park Hotel which was a nice coincidence following Women in Networking which was held there. Ladies Lunch has a great system where you move tables following your main meal to ensure you get a good variety of networking (this is optional) and I would recommend attending should you wish to network with other local women in business. 

I recently spoke with Christopher at John Whippy Insurance and Kathryn from Reid Briggs for insurance quotes on behalf of a client of mine. I found their advice in regard to rent guarantee policies extremely useful as this is something I have not dealt with before. 

David from Rent4Sure visited our offices recently and gave us some useful advice on the tenant referencing processes that they offer. We are now signed up and ready for our first tenant reference! 

Following this busy month of meeting with people and networking, I am really keen to build on my relationships with more local Property and Probate Solicitors. If you know of anyone who may be interested in an informal chat over lunch or coffee, etc. and is local to the Eastbourne area, please let me know or mention this to them also. 

Finally, to finish off a fun and exciting first month I carried out my first couple of viewings and will be keeping my fingers crossed for some good feedback and potentially some offers! 

Should you wish to use any of the services mentioned above, please do get in touch with me for further contact details. 

Kind Words...

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My wife and I used Southdown Surveyors during a recent potential house purchase. We had agreed a price on an older, character property and felt it best to fully assess the area and the property. We are both mightily pleased we engaged Southdown’s help as they flagged up some very serious, unseen defects in the property. As inexperienced first time buyers we would have been left having bought a seriously defective property with largely no sell on value and a huge bill simply to make habitable.

Southdown Surveyors were extremely professional, diligent and very helpful. They provide a thoroughly detailed breakdown of the property they survey, from little things like nearby trees that might invalidate house insurance to highly detailed information on the structure and wellbeing of the property.

I think in some cases there might be a tendency on the house buyer’s end to avoid engaging a full survey but with what we have experienced I would strongly advise anyone looking to buy a property to engage a thorough, proper survey. The outlay in doing so is relatively minimal and when you are making such a large financial, and life investment, having professionals on your side, and ones who will help you as Southdown Surveyors did for us, is absolutely invaluable.

Mr H