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Buying a property is one of the most important, most expensive, financial investments often made in a lifetime, so it is important to have all the relevant information on a property before committing to its purchase. Whether you are a first time buyer, a landlord purchasing a buy-to-let investment or even perhaps looking for a second home – we can help.

As a local, independent practice with extensive experience providing detailed surveys and reports to clients throughout the South East, Southdown Surveyors offer a friendly, personal service at competitive fees.

Established in 2006, Southdown Surveyors offer services tailored to satisfy specific needs in order to provide clients with the information they require to make informed decisions on their prospective property purchases.

We offer a range of services; one such service being the RICS HomeBuyer Report. You have the option to include a market valuation and rebuild cost assessment (for your insurance purposes) with this report. Ordinarily, if you are relying on a mortgage to fund your purchase, your lender will instigate the undertaking of a ‘Valuation’ but it is important to realise that this is only a very basic report which does not specifically address the condition of the property and is ultimately undertaken for the lender’s benefit, not for the purchaser.

The RICS HomeBuyer Report is instructed by you, undertaken in your interest and delivered directly to you, for your personal use.

The reporting format is ideal for properties of standard construction, of reasonable size and condition.

Designed by the RICS to be an ‘economy’ report, the RICS HomeBuyer Report assesses the overall condition of the property identifying any immediate and/or urgent problems (significant defects) observed by the Surveyor, which may affect its value.

The main differences as identified by the RICS are outlined on this PDF.

In obtaining a HomeBuyer Report from Southdown Surveyors you will be left well equipped to make an informed decision on as to whether or not you would like to perhaps re-negotiate the purchase price of the property and/or progress the acquisition at all; potentially saving you both time, money and stress!

Southdown Surveyors offer expert advice and professional assistance to those looking to purchase a property throughout the South East and have specific experience helping clients in and around the areas of EastbourneBexhill and Hastings. For more information on the services we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Survey Levels

Survey level two: RICS HomeBuyer Report (HBR)

This is most suitable for conventional properties which are in reasonable condition. The report gives you more detailed information and provides the choice of either a survey or a survey & valuation.

  • HomeBuyer Report (survey)
    Includes all the features of the RICS Condition Report. It also includes advice on defects that may affect the property with repairs, and ongoing maintenance advice
  • HomeBuyer Report (survey & valuation)
    Includes all the features of the RICS Condition Report, plus a market valuation and insurance rebuild costs. It also includes advice on defects that may affect the value of the property with repairs, and ongoing maintenance advice

Survey level three: RICS Building Survey

Essential for larger or older properties, or if you’re planning major works. The most comprehensive report provides you with an in-depth analysis of the property's condition and includes advice on defects, repairs and maintenance options.

Kind Words...

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My wife and I used Southdown Surveyors during a recent potential house purchase. We had agreed a price on an older, character property and felt it best to fully assess the area and the property. We are both mightily pleased we engaged Southdown’s help as they flagged up some very serious, unseen defects in the property. As inexperienced first time buyers we would have been left having bought a seriously defective property with largely no sell on value and a huge bill simply to make habitable.

Southdown Surveyors were extremely professional, diligent and very helpful. They provide a thoroughly detailed breakdown of the property they survey, from little things like nearby trees that might invalidate house insurance to highly detailed information on the structure and wellbeing of the property.

I think in some cases there might be a tendency on the house buyer’s end to avoid engaging a full survey but with what we have experienced I would strongly advise anyone looking to buy a property to engage a thorough, proper survey. The outlay in doing so is relatively minimal and when you are making such a large financial, and life investment, having professionals on your side, and ones who will help you as Southdown Surveyors did for us, is absolutely invaluable.

Mr H