Frequently Asked Questions

Block & Estate Management

1. What is Block Management?

As Block Managers, we act as managing agent to several residential blocks of flats and housing estates with shared communal areas. We are instructed on behalf of the Freeholder to ensure that the Leaseholders are compliant with their obligations under the Lease and to ensure that the maintenance services of the property are carried out by professional contractors in line with Landlord & Tenant Legislation.

2. What makes Southdown Surveyors different from other local managing agents?

Southdown Surveyors Ltd are a Chartered Surveying practise with over 50+ years combined relative experience between the qualified Surveyors and Property Managers. The Block Management Department is run by Lynne Maguire-Wheatley who has been a Property Manager in the local area for several years and is qualified under the Institute of Residential Property Managers and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

When offering proposals to prospective clients, we offer bespoke packages, tailor-made to the individual needs of the client and the property. We believe in offering a transparent and reliable service and we pride ourselves on pro-active communication and customer service. Our management fees will be agreed  with the client in advance, very rarely will we ever incur additional charges over and above those quoted.

3. How does the handover process work?

Many property owners are nervous about the handover process between two agents or between a self-managed property to an agent but we can assure our new clients that all correspondence is handled between the two, professionally and respectfully. The client will have as much or as little involvement in the process as they wish. Once you have served your current agent the appropriate notice, a list of suggested documents would be served upon the agent a date of collection of such documents agreed between the two parties.

4. Will Southdown Surveyors hold our funds?

Each client will be given designated client accounts in the name of your management company or property. Should you require more than one account this can also be arranged. Bank statements are produced on a daily basis and are readily available to the client as and when requested. As a member of the RICS, client funds are also protected by their Clients’ Money Protection Scheme up to the value of £50,000.

5. Will the Property Manager visit the property?

The Property Manager will attend site as frequently as agreed within the management agreement. We will also attend Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings and Board Meetings as frequent as necessary.

Kind Words...

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My wife and I used Southdown Surveyors during a recent potential house purchase. We had agreed a price on an older, character property and felt it best to fully assess the area and the property. We are both mightily pleased we engaged Southdown’s help as they flagged up some very serious, unseen defects in the property. As inexperienced first time buyers we would have been left having bought a seriously defective property with largely no sell on value and a huge bill simply to make habitable.

Southdown Surveyors were extremely professional, diligent and very helpful. They provide a thoroughly detailed breakdown of the property they survey, from little things like nearby trees that might invalidate house insurance to highly detailed information on the structure and wellbeing of the property.

I think in some cases there might be a tendency on the house buyer’s end to avoid engaging a full survey but with what we have experienced I would strongly advise anyone looking to buy a property to engage a thorough, proper survey. The outlay in doing so is relatively minimal and when you are making such a large financial, and life investment, having professionals on your side, and ones who will help you as Southdown Surveyors did for us, is absolutely invaluable.

Mr H