The Honest Estate Agent Part 1

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Paige Modestou

An Introduction of What to Expect from Me

Why are you making a blog?

As we all know, social media is making a huge impact on the way people interact with one another and learn. I feel that making my own blog and by sharing my knowledge, experiences, successes and mistakes I can help other agents learn, smile, laugh and hopefully not cry. I will be keeping my posts personal and most likely very briefly covering any up and coming legislation changes as my fellow letting agents will know how frequently this can happenand how often we receive multiple emails covering the same topic. I also like to challenge myself by pushing my boundaries and coming out of my comfort zone both personally and professionally and I’m extremely excited to share this process with you.

Who are you?

I fell into the estate agency industry four years ago when I starteda business administration apprenticeship. I then worked for a RICS agency and helped build their residential portfolio in both sales and lettings. I predominantly worked within the lettings and management covering viewings, maintenance, inspections, check-ins etc. After a couple of years, I wanted to branch out into  the  sales  side  and  moved to my previous role where I first met Luke Shevels, my current manager. After my first month with Luke by my side helping me to feel welcome and guiding  me  through the general conveyancing process he left the company to work for Southdown Surveyors. After Luke’s departure I was given a lot more responsibility with taking on property  details, sales progression and eventually valuations and gained a lot of conveyancing experience.

What are you doing now?

I was approached by Southdown Surveyors and offered an excellent opportunity to work alongside Luke again and to open their estate agency department. After meeting the team and Directors I realised that we both share the same ethos and vision, so I jumped at the chance and now here I am, Senior Property Consultant at Southdown Surveyors.

I’m now one week into my new role and already starting to feel settled and my excitement continues to grow. We have sent off our Rightmove application and already have one letting and two sales instructions. One of my favourite parts of the job is creating property brochures and carrying out viewings, so I will look forward to venturing out of the office for viewings very soon.

I am already seeing the benefits of working alongside Chartered Surveyors. Myself and my fellow colleagues carried out a valuation on a property and it was extremely interesting and eye opening to sit down, share and compare our different  techniques  and  styles for finding comparables and coming up with a final figure. I also accompanied a survey on a HomeBuyers Report Inspection yesterday and enjoyed  seeing what goes on behind the scenes and the different techniques used. I learned the “heel drop test” which checks for any bounce or movement on the floor, as Surveyors cannot lift flooring.

I hope you have enjoyed my first post and I look forward to sharing more with you in the near future. Now enjoy the bank holiday weekend in the very rarely there Eastbourne sunshine and keep your eyes peeled for post number two.

Kind Words...

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My wife and I used Southdown Surveyors during a recent potential house purchase. We had agreed a price on an older, character property and felt it best to fully assess the area and the property. We are both mightily pleased we engaged Southdown’s help as they flagged up some very serious, unseen defects in the property. As inexperienced first time buyers we would have been left having bought a seriously defective property with largely no sell on value and a huge bill simply to make habitable.

Southdown Surveyors were extremely professional, diligent and very helpful. They provide a thoroughly detailed breakdown of the property they survey, from little things like nearby trees that might invalidate house insurance to highly detailed information on the structure and wellbeing of the property.

I think in some cases there might be a tendency on the house buyer’s end to avoid engaging a full survey but with what we have experienced I would strongly advise anyone looking to buy a property to engage a thorough, proper survey. The outlay in doing so is relatively minimal and when you are making such a large financial, and life investment, having professionals on your side, and ones who will help you as Southdown Surveyors did for us, is absolutely invaluable.

Mr H