Snagging Surveys Horsham

Snagging surveys are an important consideration when purchasing a new build home.

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Snagging Surveys Horsham

Are you planning or in the process of purchasing a new build home? If you are it's important to consider a snagging survey before you complete your purchase.

The demand for additional housing and for any developments to be completed as quickly as possible has created an ongoing issue with the quality of new builds.

The purpose of a snagging survey is to detect any potential issues or defects prior to purchase. Small and large defects, and unfinished work will be highlighted within the report. This report can then be used to arrange for any issues to rectified prior to moving in.

Snagging surveys Horsham

Professional Snagging Inspections

Southdown Surveyors are RICS accredited Chartered Surveyors. Founded in 2006, our team have been working with residents and businesses across Horsham and the surrounding areas.

Snagging Questions

What is the Snagging Process?

Following an initial call to ascertain the necessary details we will arrange a convenient time to undertake the snagging survey.

What does a Snagging Survey Assess?

A snagging survey will assess both the exterior and interior of your property, assessing any faults or incomplete works, including:

  • Build quality
  • Brickwork
  • Loft space
  • Standard of finishing in general
  • Guttering and roofing
  • Plastering, paintwork and tiling
  • Levelling of ceilings, walls and floors
  • Groundworks
  • Doors and windows

What Happens after my Survey?

Following the inspection a detailed report will be produced within 5 days containing any technical information regarding minor or major issues within the property. A copy of this report can also be sent to the developer or builder of the property if requested. Our surveyors will be available to run through any questions you may have about the report following its receipt.

When Should I Have a Survey Carried Out?

Generally you can have a snagging survey carried out for up to 2 years of the warranty date (these time frames may differ so always check with your developer). We would always advise however that the inspection is completed before you move in if possible. It simply makes your life easier as any issues identified can be fixed before you move in.  

Looking for more information? See our complete snagging survey FAQs.

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