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Protect the investment of buying a property by getting a comprehensive snagging inspection to identify any defects.

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RICS accredited chartered surveyors - highly experienced in the snagging process.

Professional Snagging Survey Peacehaven

Are you purchasing a new build property?

A snagging survey is an inspection undertaken by a qualified professional which aims to identify defects within new constructions.

It is predominantly used for new build properties, particularly those purchasing off-plan. It inspects any defects or unfinished work which could be caused by the demand of housing going up and property investors having to keep to strict deadlines. Things can be missed and defects can occur.

A snagging survey has become an essential aspect of buying a new home so that buyers are protected when making such an investment.

Snagging survey Peacehaven

Reliable Snagging Inspectors

We are RICS accredited chartered surveyors and are highly experienced and skilled in the process of snagging. We are proud to offer an external and internal snagging service which adheres to NHBC guidelines.

Snagging Questions & Answers

What Happens during a Snagging Survey?

During the inspection, our surveyors use the latest technology and techniques to identify all faults, whether they be minor or major. We will then produce a comprehensive photographic snagging report with details of the construction which can be passed onto your builder. The report shall be issued to you within 5 working days of the inspection.

When Should I have a Snagging Survey Carried out?

It is our recommendation that snagging surveys always take place prior to completion. However, if this is not possible, it can take place within 2 years of the warranty date. However, terms can vary so please check these details! The main benefit of having the inspection prior to move in is that faults can be rectified with absolutely no disruption to you.

What is Assessed?

  • Build quality
  • Brickwork
  • Loft space
  • Plastering, paintwork and tiling
  • Levelling of ceilings, walls and floors
  • Groundworks
  • Standard of finishing in general
  • Guttering and roofing
  • Doors and windows

See our Snagging frequently asked questions for further information.

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Many clients approach us unsure as to whether they even need a snagging inspection, we can offer advice around the process of snagging and help you make an informed decision.

If you are purchasing a property, it is worth noting that we can also assist with a range of other building surveys, homebuyer reports and property valuations.

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