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We couple a wealth of experience inspecting new homes alongside an in-depth knowledge of the snagging process.

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Snagging identifies defects or unfinished work, primarily on new homes and new properties

Snagging Survey

Snagging surveys are an important consideration for anyone purchasing a new build home. Snagging is a process of identifying any unfinished work or potential defects that exist within new build homes and apartments. With new homes being constructed increasingly quickly, it is becoming common for defects to be found. Snagging inspections are vital to find these defects so that homebuyers can check the level of workmanship on their new properties and have any defects rectified prior to moving in.

Southdown Surveyors

We are a local team of RICS accredited, chartered surveyors. We have many years of experience in snagging and carry out snagging inspections and surveys for clients across East Sussex. Our qualified surveyors carry out regular inspections of new builds to identify any faults, including everything from subsidence to leaking taps.

Following the inspection, the surveyor will produce a comprehensive snagging report which identifies both minor and major issues with additional technical information regarding the construction of your property.

Southdown Surveyors offer highly professional and efficient inspections and generate reports within 5 days of the inspection taking place. You can request that your builder or property developer receives a copy of the report and our chartered surveyors are on-hand to discuss any queries or advice you may require following receipt of the report.  

Snagging Inspections

We would always recommend that a snagging inspection is carried out prior to completion and you moving in. If this is not possible, the inspection can usually take place within 2 years of the warranty date. The reason we always recommend the inspection is carried out before you move in is that it offers builders the opportunity to rectify any issues prior to you physically moving in, minimising any disruption to you and your family. Always check details of warranty periods and your developers terms and conditions as they may vary.

If you would like further information on snagging please contact our team today for some helpful advice. We are a team of professionals who have many years of experience in the industry and we can offer expert assistance with any of your snagging requirements.  

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