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Snagging Surveys in Heathfield

Snagging inspections are used to identify any defects or unfinished work on new build residential properties.

With the increasing push to build new homes, developers and builders are under  more pressure to complete housing developments as quickly as possible. This has unfortunately led to new build homes suffering from issues and parts of the builds on occasions being unfinished. This is where a snagging survey comes in.

A snagging survey inspects all areas of your property, usually prior to you moving in, to identify any minor or major defects. These can range from small decorative issues to bigger structural problems. Identifying any problems prior to completion allows you to resolve these issues with the builder or developer before you move in.

Snagging Survey Heathfield

Southdown Surveyors - Snagging Specialists

Southdown Surveyors are a team of RICS accredited chartered surveyors. We work across Heathfield, Uckfield and the surrounding area of East Sussex. Highly experienced in building surveys and snagging inspections, our surveyors regularly inspect new build properties to identify defects that range from costly subsidence to easily fixed leaking taps.

Snagging - Your Questions Answered

What is Assessed in a Snagging Inspection?

Our comprehensive snagging surveys examine every part of your property, covering both its interior and exterior. Our experienced surveyors meticulously evaluate a variety of minor and major faults.

Your survey will cover the following areas:

  • Build quality
  • Brickwork
  • Loft space
  • Plastering, paintwork and tiling
  • Standard of finish in general
  • Guttering and roofing
  • Doors and windows
  • Levelling of ceilings, walls and floors
  • Groundworks

When Should the Survey Take Place?

Ideally a snagging survey is most effective when carried out prior to completion and moving into your property. It allows a negotiation with the builders / developers and gives them time to resolve any issues prior to your moving date. The survey can however be undertaken within 2 years of your warranty date - always check this time frame with your developer as terms can vary.

When Will I Receive the Results?

Part of our service includes a thorough photographic snagging report. This will be generated and provided to you within 5 days of the inspection.

Outlined within this report will be a range of technical information regarding the construction of your property. If required, our report can also be sent to your builder or developer. Our service doesn't stop there and our surveyors will be available to run through the report and clarify any aspects which you require further information on.

For more information head to our See our snagging survey FAQs.

Snagging Costs

To book in your snagging survey, or for a FREE quote, contact our team today. You can reach us using the online form above or by calling our offices on 01323 739183.

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