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Are you buying a newly built property? A snagging survey will detect any unfinished work before it becomes a serious problem.

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A snagging report will identify minor and major defects on new homes and new properties

Professional Snagging Surveyors

Are you currently going through the process of buying a newly built home? There is a huge demand for new builds to be constructed as quickly as possible, which often means there is a higher chance of numerous defects being apparent once the home is completed. It is vitally important to get a professional to undertake a thorough snagging survey in order to detect these defects prior to you moving in. A snagging report identifies any unfinished work and all small and large defects on all newly built properties. This inspection will give you, as the homebuyer, peace of mind regarding the level of quality of the construction and allows for any defects to be rectified in good time.

Qualified Chartered Surveyors

Southdown Surveyors are proud to be RICS accredited and our extensive knowledge allows us to offer a range of services including snagging surveys. We serve all clients across Bexhill. Eastbourne and East Sussex. We offer many various surveys and reports which can identify faults ranging from leaking taps to subsidence.

So how does a snagging report work? Within just 5 days of the inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report which highlights all minor and major issues with your new property - including all technical information. We can pass a copy of the report to your builder or developer if you wish. We are available to discuss any of the issues highlighted in the report at any point after the inspection.

We recommend that your inspection is carried out before your move in date, simply so that there is as little disruption to you as possible and the defects can be fixed before you are living in the property. If for some reason, this is not an option, then we can carry out the inspection within 2 years of the warranty date. But, it is worth checking this with your developer as their terms and conditions may differ.

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