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A Project Manager can help with every aspect of your construction project, taking the stress away from you and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Project Management Specialists

A Project Manager can help run your project successfully, keeping your vision at the forefront and helping it to run smoothly. It is a Project Manager's job to keep the project on track and prevent overrunning or overspending. They will also be responsible for monitoring underperformance and remaining workmanship high standards. Our project management team work closely with you from start to finish, in charge of administering the contract financially and managing to construction entirely - whilst ensuring all legal obligations are met. A project manager is not an added expense - it is a role which can save you time and money in the long run.

At Southdown Surveyors, we offer a project management service which is tailored to your requirements. Our team are experienced and accredited project managers. We will curate the initial specification and oversee the tendering process and awarding of the contract. Our service is customised to suit your timescales and budget. We always ensure your project is organised, implemented correctly and runs smoothly.

Managing Construction Projects

All of the projects we work on - construction, maintenance or refurbishments involve many professionals including architects, builders, Local Authority Planning and Building Control Departments. We are experienced in project management and creating a harmonious working relationship which includes identifying issues before they become a problem and liaising with every party effectively. Overall, our team will ensure your project runs smoothly and is delivered within time frame and in budget.

We can also help with liaising with lenders - helping in the authorisation of the draw-down of funds for projects where funds have been borrowed. This is usually a stipulation and term of the lender.

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