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Protect your investment by instructing a snagging survey on your new build property.

New Build Inspections

If you are buying a new build property, then it is always advisable to have a snagging inspection on the home. This is a type of survey which identifies particular defects or unfinished work on new build properties.

Why instruct a Snagging Survey?

New homes are regularly being built, and property developers have a lot of pressure to build new homes as quickly as possible. There is a massive demand for more property - and developers are often on a tight deadline. This means that often enough, things are missed and there can be some issues with new builds.

A snagging survey will focus on identifying any issues prior to you moving into the home. This survey is designed specifically for new build homes and identifying any potential problems with the property. This survey equips you with this information you need to negotiate with the builders and developers in order to have any issues rectified without you having to foot the cost.

You should have a snagging survey completed prior to moving in. This will give you time to negotiate with builders/developers prior to moving in. We can complete your snagging survey within 2 years of your warranty date, but this should always be double checked with the individual developer as time frames may differ.

Professional Chartered Surveyors

Southdown Surveyors are RICS accredited Chartered Surveyors who are based in Eastbourne but work across East Sussex. We offer a range of property services including building surveys.

We work with all kinds of clients - providing a variety of surveys and reports. Following the initial survey, we will send over your snagging report within 5 days of the inspection. Detailed in this report will be all of the technical information regarding the construction of your property. This report can also be passed onto your builder or developer if necessary.

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