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We are an experienced, professional team of qualified surveyors who have been offering homebuyer surveys for over 15 years!

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Make sure you are fully informed of any issues which may be present in your property before purchasing. We have the qualifications and experience to deliver our surveys to an exceptional standard.

HomeBuyer Survey East Sussex

Southdown Surveyors are a practice of qualified surveyors covering the whole of East Sussex. We offer a variety of detailed reports and surveys for a range of clients. We have been established since 2006, and in our many years of service we have gained a fantastic reputation for providing detailed reports to suit your individual needs. We will provide you with all of the information you need regarding your impending property purchase.

A HomeBuyer Survey, now known as a RICS Level 2 Home Survey, is carried out prior to the purchase of a property. It is instructed by you and delivered to you for your personal use. This report is recommended for properties of standard condition, a reasonable size and condition. They are designed by RICS as an 'economy' report option. It assesses the overall condition of the property, identifying any urgent problems or defects which can affect its value.

Within your RICS Level 2 Home Survey, we can include a market valuation and a rebuild cost assessment (for insurance purposes). If the property purchase is being funded with a mortgage, your lender will undertake a basic 'valuation'. This does not specifically address the condition of the property. It is carried out for the lender's benefit and not the purchasers. A RICS Level 2 Home Survey will provide you with all of the information you need to make a well-informed decision regarding your property price and if you would like to re-negotiate with the seller. This can save you time, money and stress.

We offer various survey levels:

RICS Level 2 Home Survey:

This survey is for conventional properties which are in reasonable condition. It provides detailed information from a survey with the option of a valuation.

RICS Level 3 Home Survey:

This is a comprehensive survey suitable for larger or older properties, or if you are planning major works. This provides an in-depth insight into the property's condition and will advise on repairs, defects and maintenance.

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At Southdown Surveyors, our team are experienced in these kinds of surveys. We are proud to offer entirely professional and honest advice regarding your property purchase. We can discuss your requirements with you over the phone - just give us a call on 01323 739183 or complete the form on this page and we will get back to you.

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