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Southdown Surveyors are proud RICS Surveyors who offer a range of reports to suit your prospective property purchase.

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We understand the importance of getting the purchase of your property right - which is why we recommend a HomeBuyers report.

We are Southdown Surveyors - a local practice of qualified surveyors offering HomeBuyer reports, now known as RICS Level 2 Home Survey, for clients across Polegate and East Sussex. We have been established since 2006, and in that time we have built a trusted reputation for providing high quality reports. Our reports are tailored to suit your requirements and and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of your property.

We offer a RICS Level 2 Home Survey which is instructed by you and delivered to you for your personal use. It is suitable for properties of standard construction, reasonable condition and size. RICS design them as an 'economy' report, which considers the overall condition of your property. It identifies any urgent defects observed by the surveyor which may alter its value. 

You have the option within your report to include a market valuation and a rebuild cost assessment (for your insurance purposes). If your property is being funded by a mortgage, your lender may opt for a 'valuation'. This will be a basic report which does not address the actual condition of your property. Ultimately, it is carried out for just the lender's benefit. Our Homebuyer report will give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision on whether you would like to re-negotiate the purchase price of the property and/or the acquisition at all which can save you money, time and stress!

What are the different survey levels?

RICS Level 2 Home Survey:

This survey provides a detailed information in the form of a survey and a valuation if required. This is suitable for conventional properties in reasonable condition.

RICS Level 3 Home Survey:

This comprehensive report is essential for larger or older properties or if you are planning major works. This provides you with a detailed analysis on your property's condition and advice on maintenance, repairs and defects.

Why choose us?

Southdown Surveyors offer professional and impartial advice to all clients. We are highly experienced in this specialised area and are committed to helping clients make the right decision regarding a property purchase. Get in touch to discuss your needs! Give us a call on 01323 739183 or fill in the form at the top of this page.

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